Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back in Time

You think you're cool? Check out this mug:
I love to swim. I forgot how much I loved to swim when I was a kid. Today I stocked my fridge since we haven't had anything in it for several weeks. Fruit, cheese and salad now rub plastic with the beer and boxed leftovers; and I got bread too!
I'll need to start seriously packing in the next couple weeks. We haven't found a place yet but its just a matter of time until Ryan and I are sitting in our new house.
Just now I put on a sweater because I miss Autumn. I want cold weather and crunchy leaves and pumpkins.
And although today is gloomy and rainy, its slightly humid which i cannot stand. Tomorrow better be brighter, or cooler. Since today I'm not feeling well, I guess I'll be ok with the world not feeling well either.

Braid Wednesday. Yesterday I did the little braid and Alison did the big one :)
The little ones still in today...

I hope your day is treating you well. I think I need some coffee. Or a chai tea. Yes, thats what I need.

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