Monday, May 25, 2009

Ten Things Monday

Howdy Blogland!
Long time no type..and still as corny.
As inspired by awesome Elsie Flannigan I wanted to do a daily list of some of my favorite things of today. Every Monday, ten things. Also today a little update since I've been gone so long.
Off we go!

1. Ali Edwards' Week in the Life Project. I want to tweak it a bit to use my 365 pictures, but still the same idea.
2. Starbucks. I mean, honestly need I say more?
3. Trips to Michaels and picking out things for Myrtle Beach.
I got some so cute little projects for my cousins and I to do on rainy days in Pat and Dani's luxury camper. Plus a new scrapbook for me!
4. Afternoon rain to cool the temperature.

(This is me collecting rain water for my plants.)

5. Decor8. This website inspires me so much. So many good ideas and awesome links to nifty shops, websites and crafting projects.
6. Progress. Getting things finished is hard for me sometimes so when I accomplish something it makes me smile.

7. This pattern from Etsy shop reeneegurmi. If I could crochet I would buy so many patterns from her shop!

8. Ryan being off work. My boyfriend works third shift so his afternoons are usually spent sleeping. It was so nice today to have him awake and next to me, even though I was watching Top Model and Jon and Kate. But I let him watch the game. I'm a good girlfriend :).

9. Bagel dip. Yea I made some last night and had a bit for breakfast. It was awesome.

10. Finally, remembering responsibility. I have forgotten to make schedules for work...I should probably get on that.

Well farewell for now world!

Thanks for stopping by.

I'll update later.

Monday, May 18, 2009

creative type

I've always considered myself a creative kind of person. Lately I've been going through a period of lack luster craftiness. So after visiting this fabulous blog, I got lots of inspiration. Especially from her mini books and photo projects. I digress...and as a result of Elise's blog I will now unveil to you (Alison, because you are most likely the only person with my blog site, except maybe my mom..) my creative list for the summer. These things I hope to the least start with the intention of finishing..before it turns cold. My first will be to finish my I Love... book and put it to-freaking-gether. Like that? Yea me too..

Alright so without further ado, here's the list. Alison feel free to steal this if you wish:

  • Love Book-complete and adore.
  • Hold a little art show in my apartment showcasing new and old art. Open to friends and family. Serve horderves.
  • Camping booky thing, using my RVA kit I absolutely cannot live without. Buy their stuff!
  • Get out more in order to get more variety with my 365 project.
  • Stop taking things for granted. (Technically this isn't a creative craft thing but nonetheless important.)

I will add to this list as I think of things and continue to be inspired by the lovely blogs I visit everyday.
Here's a photo to share today:

Have a lovely day, world.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

progress, wet cats

I've gotten a little farther on my quilt. So far its coming little by little and I'm only working on it whenever I've nothing else to do.
Today Ryan and I, mainly Ryan, cleaned the apartment. It was well overdue considering the cats have produced hairballs that could equzl a whole nother cat. Needless to say we fixed that too. We bathed them Yep, cruel and wrong but it got some of that loose hair un..loosened.
Happily, the cats are prancing around licking themselves and wondering what they did to deserve that kind of treatment.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

thrifing and mud wrestling

Tuesday, I was taking pictures of my friend Tessa, her boyfriend and their baby at Harbin Park and had a wonderful time. I got some really good shots I must say. I am proud of them. After we finished there I went thrifting at the Fairfield Goodwill and discovered some amazing stuff. I got three shirts, a jar for sugar and two pairs of awesome shoes. The first I found were blue sandal things with a cool criss cross pattern on the top and I thought they would be my lucky find of the day. Then I came across these cut off boots that miracuously fit my wide-ish foot. They are fabulous.

My friend Alison and I did something fun last night. We mud wrestled. In cake mix. It was awesome. Theres a bar called Godfathers in F-town that has a competition every other week. I was so nervous but as soon as we got into the pool I was ready. We went three rounds and I pinned Alison twice but she came out the winner. But I got thirty dollars a free shirt and a bar tab. I will definitely do it again! Pictures will come later as soon as I get them from Megan!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Today was a gorgeous sunny afternoon and my bestie Jen and I went to the park. We were joined by three very nice little kids who talked to us and shared the sun with us. Swinging made me remember camping at winton woods with the crew and playing football in the short warm hours before the sun went down. That was an awesome weekend.

Today my friend Fish was in the hospital with a head injury and seems to be doing ok. I didn't get to see him because when I went the visiting hours had just ended. Boo. But its just good knowing he'll be ok.

Some favorite pictures from today:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

my guilt quilt

So I am very excited about making this quilt but I feel a good amount of guilt about it. I was making a quilt for my grandma last year and it was going to be for Christmas. I didn't finish it in time so I was going to get it done for her birthday. I never finished it. Then she got really sick and was in the hospital. At that point I was afraid to do anymore work on it because I didn't want to think that she was dying. But then she did, and I never finished her quilt. Now I wish I had at least finished the quilt because I can't work on it. Its too hard for me. So the quilt I'm doing now is called my guilt quilt. But I think that the process will help me in some way.

Here's the start to my little (no quilt is a little project...) project.

I know its a tiny piece and not much to brag about but I think its a good lookin flower. And its all hand sewn. It took like an hour cause I had to remake three of the little hexagons.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I found this site through this site and its so fun! All the silly interesting ideas to do that are original. Usually when bordom overcomes me I do something stupid like watch tv or look up things on the internet. But tonight, I took a picture of my head in the freezor! Check out Jen's page for the details!

Here's my pic:

Just tag your picture as 241543903 so when ppl search for this number, they get a bunch of creepy heads in freezors. Weird? Sure. Fun? Definitely.