Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Ideas

Martha Stewart Crafts Blog

Stocking wrapped pumpkins!

Some kind of wreath

Definitely doing this. Maybe a chandelier...creepiesss.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I Should be for Halloween

I can have ratty hair.
I have some nerdy glasses.
I definitely have flannel.
All I need is a cool vintage shirt and some drumsticks,
and Garth will come alive.
Happy Halloween all.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Caturday at My House

My kitties love to celebrate Caturday
Buddha thought he heard something.

Wayne likes the way my camera strap tastes apparently.

I think this is Buddha's model face.

Cutie Wayne with his little mustache and huge eyes.

Sometimes Wayne thinks he is a parrot.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Favorite Movie Shots

The Babysitters.
I loved this movie staring John Leguizamo and Katherine Waterston.
Its about high school students who decide to earn some extra
cash by doin it with the dads whose kids they babysit. Its a dark
comedy that really does everything right.

The Good Humor Man.
I've seen this movie a few times and I just love the
relationship between these two. Its an underdog story and
the rest of the movie is awesome too and sad and touching.

Girl Interrupted.
The first time I watched this movie, I wanted to be
admitted into a psych ward. I just felt like they had
so much fun in the worst of circumstances. And this scene
just shows the bound people make when life throws lemons at you.

Say Anything.
One of my all time favorite movies. This is one of my favorite
scenes because its right after she comes back to him.
At first I didn't like that he took her back because I don't think
she deserves him, but then I started being okay with her haha.

A Little Princess.
Such a magical movie; it really takes you to another world.
This scene is just so beautiful and happy.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Awesome Things from London Fashion Week

I want this color lipstick. Its not too red, not too brown.
And I love the braids.

This is so insane. I think I would do this if it wouldn't
make me look like a weirdo in the real world.

I love the colors in this collection.

This hair. I would never be able to pull
it off. And the lipstick is awesome too.

Blue eyeliner. I need it.

All photos are from Kris Atomic's London Fashion Week site.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bits of September

This September...

I rocked these shades.

I drank my nights away.

I enjoyed my last Reds game of the season with
some great people.

I had my first pumpkin spice of the year.

I shared a deep fried peanut butter and jelly at Oktoberfest in downtown Cincy.

I made faces with my awesome nephew, Connor.

I laughed at my dog for thinking he is a human.

I finally went to Hofbrahaus. And it was amazing.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Journals Part Deux

These are some of my pages from my second half of summer journal.

I redid this cover three times. The first one had 2010 on it
twice. When I realized I wasn't going to finish
the journal for 2010. I decided to reuse it.
These pages are from a trip to Athens, Ohio.
It was so fun, and I wanted to highlight the photos
so I just did a collage. I think it really tells the story
of our trip without having to write it down.
I think this was the night I had my first Dairy bar ice cream of the season.All time my favorite page I've created.
I still haven't found a photo to tell this story.
But i will.
The day my nephew Connor was born.

The Thrifter

I am so lucky to have my Mamaw's thrifting eye.
I spotted a dresser very similar to this. Mine has three drawers
across the front and the handles are indents instead of protruding.
I saw this dresser above on Etsy for 500 dollars. I paid 25.
Granted mine has some scratches and is not perfect, but hey
that is what you get for twenty five dollars at the Goodwill.

I would die for these vintage lamps. I'm not a fan of the
shades that were on them but you can always find some
fantastic shades, especially at Urban Outfitters.

I want to find some blank onesies and screen print them for my friends
with kids. This one above is definitely on the list.

I love this whole style board. I would put all of this in my home.