Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last night I made a scrapbook page for my boyfriend Ryan. He is from Nebraska and every year he and his parents go to the college spring game. This year I went with them and it was a good time. I met his family out there and had Valentino's and experienced these amazing snow cones. Here's the page I made:

I know its not very good quality but my camera is crapping out. I think it looks pretty good.

Thats all for now!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random South Park Goodness

I made these South Park characters of myself and my boyfriend. I think they're pretty accurate...

Blogger Virgin

As my first blog I'd like to talk a little about myself. My name is Cassidy, and I'm a craftaholic.
I love to scrapbook, paint, draw and sew. I work for an art company a Kings Island that allows me to draw daily and be outside in the summer. Starbucks runs my life, but in a good way I think. Some of my favorite blogs include: ABeautifulMess by the awesome Elsie, Here's lookin at me kid, art equals happy, a cup of jo, and ColorMeKatie. I am inspired daily by the things these girls create and feature! I also just got into reading Mr. X's embrodory blog.

Here's some more about me:
I love to sleep. I’m an insomniac. I can predict the future. My friends call me a hippie. I don’t object. I wear patchouli. I will hug a tree. Peace is in my vocabulary. Music changes my life every day. Cows make me smile. My friends save me. I'm opening up. People laugh at me. And with me. Writing is an escape. I love to be outside. I wear sweaters. I don’t drink soda. Or pop. I love to read. I make things. I draw. I sing; in the car, shower and when the music is good. I go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I make circles of love when it is cold. I bite my nails. I can kill a pizza. But I will share. I want world peace and to end hunger. I try not to choose sides. I light candles. My room is a mess. I miss my mom. When she leaves the room. I’m lucky. I have a tendency to be right. When I’m not. I’m lonely but I don’t mind. I’m quiet and quirky. I’m funny and stressful. I’m hilarious. I over exaggerate. I tell horrible stories. I write beautiful ones. I want to be an actor. Lines are hard to remember and I'm getting over my stage fright. A little. I like my feet. I'm not a Cancer. I'm a Gemini although Myspace swears otherwise. I enjoy horror movies and romantic comedies. I have gay friends. I’m not afraid they will hit on me. That is unless they are intoxicated. I let things get to me. I’m open-minded. I can’t dance. That doesn’t matter. I swear I lived in the seventies.