Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back in Time

You think you're cool? Check out this mug:
I love to swim. I forgot how much I loved to swim when I was a kid. Today I stocked my fridge since we haven't had anything in it for several weeks. Fruit, cheese and salad now rub plastic with the beer and boxed leftovers; and I got bread too!
I'll need to start seriously packing in the next couple weeks. We haven't found a place yet but its just a matter of time until Ryan and I are sitting in our new house.
Just now I put on a sweater because I miss Autumn. I want cold weather and crunchy leaves and pumpkins.
And although today is gloomy and rainy, its slightly humid which i cannot stand. Tomorrow better be brighter, or cooler. Since today I'm not feeling well, I guess I'll be ok with the world not feeling well either.

Braid Wednesday. Yesterday I did the little braid and Alison did the big one :)
The little ones still in today...

I hope your day is treating you well. I think I need some coffee. Or a chai tea. Yes, thats what I need.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Always, Sometimes, Never

Loved the idea of this little number from Enjoy It and thought I'd make my own. Here goes:

I always:

  • Miss my mom

  • Sing in the car

  • Try to make the world better

  • Love over hate

  • Wish I lived in the seventies

  • Have my camera

I sometimes:

  • Go several days without washing my hair. Its better for it really

  • Love to wear nothing on my feet

  • Take people and things for granted

  • Make mistakes

  • Escape into my head for a bit

  • Want to ride horses

I never:

  • Forget where I came from

  • Remember things

  • Lose sight of what is important and right

  • Eat sushi. Maybe someday

  • Get tired of scrapbooking, photography or kitties

  • Give up on the things I love

(Cause every blog needs a picture! Its Herbert, out work mouse.)

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Day in the Life

It's time for Ten Things Monday!
This Monday the theme for my little list is going to be happy.
Things that make my day and brighten my spirits. Cause lately I've
been sorta down, and these things have made this day, if only for today,
happy. Here we go!

1. This flickr set. Amazingly beautiful. Great appreciation for Richard Heeks.

2. Having a good day at work. I know it seems stupid but sometimes the stress of work gets me down and today was perfect.

3. Fun dangly things to decorate yourself. Like this :) And its rasta colored!!
I wish I could show a picture but its from Flickr..

4. The weather. Not too hot not cold at all. And no rain!

5. This photo from the Reds game:
I had such a good day this day.
And I spent it with my Ryan.

6. Coming home to Ryan doing the dishes. It just made me
so fuzzy to see him doing something to make me happy.

7. Waynes World.
8. Feeling pretty. Its one of those no makeup, cotton shirt kind of days where I just like me. I like the way my self is without anything added. And thats a good good thing.
9. Starbucks. After this post I will run to get me some :).
10. Days off. Tomorrow to look forward to.
Do have a great day!