Saturday, July 25, 2009

Always, Sometimes, Never

Loved the idea of this little number from Enjoy It and thought I'd make my own. Here goes:

I always:

  • Miss my mom

  • Sing in the car

  • Try to make the world better

  • Love over hate

  • Wish I lived in the seventies

  • Have my camera

I sometimes:

  • Go several days without washing my hair. Its better for it really

  • Love to wear nothing on my feet

  • Take people and things for granted

  • Make mistakes

  • Escape into my head for a bit

  • Want to ride horses

I never:

  • Forget where I came from

  • Remember things

  • Lose sight of what is important and right

  • Eat sushi. Maybe someday

  • Get tired of scrapbooking, photography or kitties

  • Give up on the things I love

(Cause every blog needs a picture! Its Herbert, out work mouse.)

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