Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Favorite Movie Shots

The Babysitters.
I loved this movie staring John Leguizamo and Katherine Waterston.
Its about high school students who decide to earn some extra
cash by doin it with the dads whose kids they babysit. Its a dark
comedy that really does everything right.

The Good Humor Man.
I've seen this movie a few times and I just love the
relationship between these two. Its an underdog story and
the rest of the movie is awesome too and sad and touching.

Girl Interrupted.
The first time I watched this movie, I wanted to be
admitted into a psych ward. I just felt like they had
so much fun in the worst of circumstances. And this scene
just shows the bound people make when life throws lemons at you.

Say Anything.
One of my all time favorite movies. This is one of my favorite
scenes because its right after she comes back to him.
At first I didn't like that he took her back because I don't think
she deserves him, but then I started being okay with her haha.

A Little Princess.
Such a magical movie; it really takes you to another world.
This scene is just so beautiful and happy.

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