Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Thrifter

I am so lucky to have my Mamaw's thrifting eye.
I spotted a dresser very similar to this. Mine has three drawers
across the front and the handles are indents instead of protruding.
I saw this dresser above on Etsy for 500 dollars. I paid 25.
Granted mine has some scratches and is not perfect, but hey
that is what you get for twenty five dollars at the Goodwill.

I would die for these vintage lamps. I'm not a fan of the
shades that were on them but you can always find some
fantastic shades, especially at Urban Outfitters.

I want to find some blank onesies and screen print them for my friends
with kids. This one above is definitely on the list.

I love this whole style board. I would put all of this in my home.

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