Sunday, May 10, 2009

my guilt quilt

So I am very excited about making this quilt but I feel a good amount of guilt about it. I was making a quilt for my grandma last year and it was going to be for Christmas. I didn't finish it in time so I was going to get it done for her birthday. I never finished it. Then she got really sick and was in the hospital. At that point I was afraid to do anymore work on it because I didn't want to think that she was dying. But then she did, and I never finished her quilt. Now I wish I had at least finished the quilt because I can't work on it. Its too hard for me. So the quilt I'm doing now is called my guilt quilt. But I think that the process will help me in some way.

Here's the start to my little (no quilt is a little project...) project.

I know its a tiny piece and not much to brag about but I think its a good lookin flower. And its all hand sewn. It took like an hour cause I had to remake three of the little hexagons.

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