Monday, May 25, 2009

Ten Things Monday

Howdy Blogland!
Long time no type..and still as corny.
As inspired by awesome Elsie Flannigan I wanted to do a daily list of some of my favorite things of today. Every Monday, ten things. Also today a little update since I've been gone so long.
Off we go!

1. Ali Edwards' Week in the Life Project. I want to tweak it a bit to use my 365 pictures, but still the same idea.
2. Starbucks. I mean, honestly need I say more?
3. Trips to Michaels and picking out things for Myrtle Beach.
I got some so cute little projects for my cousins and I to do on rainy days in Pat and Dani's luxury camper. Plus a new scrapbook for me!
4. Afternoon rain to cool the temperature.

(This is me collecting rain water for my plants.)

5. Decor8. This website inspires me so much. So many good ideas and awesome links to nifty shops, websites and crafting projects.
6. Progress. Getting things finished is hard for me sometimes so when I accomplish something it makes me smile.

7. This pattern from Etsy shop reeneegurmi. If I could crochet I would buy so many patterns from her shop!

8. Ryan being off work. My boyfriend works third shift so his afternoons are usually spent sleeping. It was so nice today to have him awake and next to me, even though I was watching Top Model and Jon and Kate. But I let him watch the game. I'm a good girlfriend :).

9. Bagel dip. Yea I made some last night and had a bit for breakfast. It was awesome.

10. Finally, remembering responsibility. I have forgotten to make schedules for work...I should probably get on that.

Well farewell for now world!

Thanks for stopping by.

I'll update later.

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