Thursday, May 14, 2009

thrifing and mud wrestling

Tuesday, I was taking pictures of my friend Tessa, her boyfriend and their baby at Harbin Park and had a wonderful time. I got some really good shots I must say. I am proud of them. After we finished there I went thrifting at the Fairfield Goodwill and discovered some amazing stuff. I got three shirts, a jar for sugar and two pairs of awesome shoes. The first I found were blue sandal things with a cool criss cross pattern on the top and I thought they would be my lucky find of the day. Then I came across these cut off boots that miracuously fit my wide-ish foot. They are fabulous.

My friend Alison and I did something fun last night. We mud wrestled. In cake mix. It was awesome. Theres a bar called Godfathers in F-town that has a competition every other week. I was so nervous but as soon as we got into the pool I was ready. We went three rounds and I pinned Alison twice but she came out the winner. But I got thirty dollars a free shirt and a bar tab. I will definitely do it again! Pictures will come later as soon as I get them from Megan!

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