Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Its late and early

I've decided to do this: budgeted eating and healthy spending. Switch that.

I saw that this group on this blog is spending $fifty a week on the foor they eat and I thought I'd love to try this. They cut their costs by growing and making a lot of their food which will be difficult for me to a point since I've never grown any edible things ever and haven't attempted a real homemade dish. I made my Granny's butterscotch pie with my mom but nothing more than that. I also wouldn't need to spend $fifty since I'm only one person and they're a couple. I will try growing some things, but sadly the summer's almost over and I won't be able to do much. Luckily my parents are growing tomators (not a spelling error, I like to say tomators..) and even though I don't particularly like the juicy red fruitish veggie, I like salsa. I'll be documenting my expenses and what I'm eating. I don not know when I'll start this but it'll most likely be after we move in. Which will be in the next few weeks.

Until then, I will be packing and working and getting ready to start school.

Here's a picture to end the blog! Have a happy day!

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