Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Today is lousy. I feel lousy because the day is lousy. A good thing about today is that I did not work. That is a good good thing. Also I am going to swim with Alison and Hannah, also a good thing. I came across this blog and have been browsing through it all afternoon. I watched a video for Cadbury chocolate. Its called Cadbury Eyebrows. Look it up on youtube its awesome.
I wish I did something more today than I did but I'm glad I didn't have to work. I really hate it there.
Luckily I will be on vacation for a week and some days so I can relax and not think about my stupid job. And hopefully take some happy pictures.
I'd like to embroider some words onto a shirt of mine. What should those words be?
Small post for today..but tomorrow may bring bigger things.

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