Sunday, June 28, 2009

its been a long time since i rock and rolled

And since I've posted. I have neglected you my most precious blog. As I've been away for some time, many thing have occurred. I've grown older, I've gotten a tan, and my sister has gotten married. And since it is Sunday also, I'd like to share some things I'm digging right now. Then onto the pictures!

For starters, I'm really into photography and scrapping and everything, and recently I've been visiting this blog to get inspiration. She makes these little books that are so spontaneous and creative that I've started to make some myself. Check out her site and let me know if you'd like a little art journal or crafty book of your own!
  • Crocheted back tanks are one of my favorite things about summer right now. Before vacation, I bought about five of them. And I wore every one in Myrtle Beach! And I bought one the other day that turned out to be too big...but I might fix it with my sewing machine!

(the one on the far right is the new one.)
  • Vintage sunglasses..I mean its nothing new. I have always wanted some vintage frames for my face but haven't been able to find the perfect pair. Elsie Flannigan always has super cool ones.

  • Wedding receptions. I forgot how much I love dancing at them! Because as much as I look silly, other girls look silly too. I had so much fun dancing with my Mom and Dani and Alison.

  • Cloud wallpaper. I could do some serious crafty damage with that stuff.

Now I'll share some photos from vacation!

Have a happy day!

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