Monday, October 3, 2011

Scrapbooking; My Journals

I love scrapbooking, but I tend to do it untraditionally.
I don't do layouts that have any rhyme or reason ,
but sometimes I like everything to be very clean
and precise. At the same time, sometimes I like things to be
very cluttered and haphazard. I guess that's just my personality.
Here are some photos from my most recent journals.
The first is one that I thought would include all of 2011 summer,
but I had to split it into two because there was so much stuff.

This is St Patrick's Day, and I didn't take that many photos,
so I made up for it with the little collage and the beer mugs and
the photos from an Anthro catalog. It doesn't really make sense
that there is a horse, but I like it all the same. This one is a collection of images I love from
an other catalogue that just look good together.Gaga. Period.I don't know why I just love this little fish thing with
the colors and the randomness of it.
Another post will include some from the second half
then another from my most recent journal,
the one I like most so far. Fall.

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