Monday, April 26, 2010


Since my birthday is coming up in June, I thought I'd inform
anyone who reads my blog of the things I adore and
would love to have come into my life.
Now I'm not saying I expect anything for my birthday, but
I mean if you're wanting to get me something,
here are some ideas :)

I love you! This is the cutest headband ever.
Love, Elycia

So much better than the grilled cheese one.

I wants youuu.

I will make these.

Space Dr. Martins. I guarantee these are a boatload
but I would kill for them.

I want this movie again. I want to be totally outrageous.
Just like Jem.

Hama beads so I can make Shake and Frylock magnets like these.

I want a modern dollhouse.

I want my interiors to be
decorated by Anthropologie.

And I want to wear all their clothes.

I hope these things help you decide what you're
getting me for my birthday. Haha

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