Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twenty Three Before Twenty Four

1. Grow a garden
2. Lose 20 pounds
3. Host a small art exhibit of my work and friends
4. Go camping at least six times
5. Write letters to loved ones
6. Have one or more garage sales and put the earnings toward credit card
7. Complete a scrapbook/journal. Make that two.  Did it!
8. Have an extensive collection of wine
9. Read twelve books
10. Create an income from my handmade craftiness
11. Put a book of short stories or poems together
12. Finish my Mother's quilt.
13. Make a picture wall display
14. Wear fancy hair and make up twice a week/don't wear makeup twice a week
15. Venture to Chicago. Hopefully visit Red Velvet. Or The Renegade Craft Fair. Or both.
16. Walk in Winton Woods more. I have a park sticker for Pete's sake.
17. Have my own apartment.
18. Visit Obscura.
19. Make nut milk
20. Visit five new restaurants.
21. Invest in a good pair of tennies.
22. Attend a Hot Yoga class and love it.
23. See some concerts

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