Friday, August 5, 2011

My Summer Journal + Inspiration

This summer I decided to make a journal of my adventures and randomness and everyday occurrences. I wanted to do as little planning and organizing as possible and just put together a collection of memories as freely as the ideas came. This resulted in neglecting my little journal, losing my creativity in photographs, and slapping photos in just to say I did something. This stops today. I've sent tons of photos to to Walgreens to be printed, and I am going to dedicate time each day to add to my book and really put some effort into what I produce. Yay for me.
Here are some photos of what I've done so far...


Now for some inspiration:
Kelly Purkey from Its Me, KP
Donna from Just Scrap It

Erin Jang from The Indigo Bunting
I love this map idea..I wonder if I can do something in a journal..?I want to make my own simply calendar like this. So cute.

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