Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scrap Swap!!

Recently I participated in a swap at SewTara
and had the pleasure of being paired with
Anita from the lovely blog, Sew Vintage So Fun.
It was my first scrap swap and I had so much fun
doing it! I thought I'd share what I sent,
and what I got from Anita...
I sent these scraps, I took time to weigh them and everything
to make sure there was enough haha.
I also put a coffee cozie in there as a little extra piece of me.

And these came from Anita!
I was so excited when I opened this package
I could hardly stand it. I wish I'd sent a little more
extra stuff, but I will know for next time.

Then on top of everything else, she gave me this so cute little award!!And now here are seven little facts about myself to go along with it.
-I love cows. Like really love them. I recently went
to a dairy farm where I saw a baby cow born!
-My cat Wayne has a mustache.
I guess this isn't really about me but oh well.
-I have a tendency to start a lot of projects and finish few.
-Bees freak me out.
-I am watching The Office right now.
-I need to do laundry.
-I am addicted to Sims 3.
Haha. Ends...


  1. Lovely post! Bees freak me out, too.
    xoxo, Anita

  2. Hello there Cassidy, I was reading on your blog in hopes of learning a little bit about you for the fabric swap and I thought it was pretty funny when I read" I have a tendancy to start alot of projects, but finish few" I am the same exact way. I juswt learned how to basic sew and have bought tons and tons of fabric for all these projects, so hopefully... Anyways, Iam a scrapbooker/stamper so some things I will be sending you will be centered around that, Except for the fabric but what I would like to know is what patterns wo you like or do you want me to just go for it and surprise you? I couldnt find your email addy so if you could just drop me a line at my email, I would totally appreciate it. Tahnks a bunch, Dannette