Thursday, February 3, 2011

Numero Uno

I guess I will do this silly thirty day thing. No one reads my blog anyway so who cares what I post hahaha
Day 1:
1 I enjoy crafts and the way wet grass smells
2 Some of my favorite things to do are illegal ie. drawing on money
3 My room is rarely clean, not like dirty, just cluttered.
4 I have two cats, Buddha and Wayne
5 Sometimes I hate the dull hum things make, like the television or a fan. Sometimes its nice.
6 I'm thinking of retiring my love of fast food because of an image of processed and combined chicken I saw.
7 I could live without the internet, but why?
8 Tonight I had my hair ironed by two friends, like a clothes iron.
9 Sleeping with socks on really bothers me. My feet feel weird and sweaty
10 I wish I could remove vulgar language from my vocabulary but the words just slip out
11 Recently I've become obsessed with Intervention and Storage Wars.
12 I envy those with natural red hair
13 I wish my calves were smaller
14 I love blood oranges
15 The most important people in my life, I see at least once a week

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