Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wishing, wishing

Good Afternoon!
I have been thinking of things to wish for and have come
up with a list to share. Pick of Destiny is on and its the
Sasquatch scene. Why do I love that movie again?
Oh, right. Cause it rocks.

I remember these from festivals and they are awesome.
Wouldn't these be cool on a mantle?

Soo cute. And it comes from a place called Plasticland.
How fantastic is that?

Ohmygosh. I love this. It would be a fabulous tattoo.

I want to spend my summer going to yard sales.

I definitely want to go to the Renaissance Festival this year.

I love the Dragon collection at Ikea.

I think everyone should have a room like this.
Found at Bleuburd Vintage ::)

I would love these vintage shoes.

Cassidy wants and Cassidy has no money.
So theses are wishes :)
Have a great

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