Friday, March 5, 2010

5ive Things Friday

Here are five things that made my week.
Now I hope they can make yours too!

Tommy Forbes' photography. Adore it. Cannot live without it now that
I've seen it.

I just love Magic Hat brews and this one got me especially
intrigued. Their new Spring lager, Vinyl has me giddy.
10engines has a wonderful post about their advertising using a cute little record player! Not to mention the illustrator
for Phish, Jim Pollock, designed the label. No kidding!

I'm in love with A Fine Frenzy to begin with
and I am in love with this stop motion video!
So cute.

I made this little guy for a special friend of mine. She just
got a real grown up job and Raphael in his swim
trunks will keep her thinking of summer
while she's sitting at her desk :)

This awesome DIY from DesignSponge. I want to
have my very own library!

Love :)

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