Saturday, February 13, 2010

Art Inspiration

Tim Degner
I love the patterns and typography of Tim Degner. He is a Graphic/CAD designer who works for White House | Black Market. His work ranges from textiles, wallpaper and illustration to greeting cards, traditonal drawing and crafts like embroidery.

His fonts are just so fun and creative. He has an alphabet made from tools!

George Condo
George Condo's paintings are a cross between modern, fantastical whimsy and traditional European portraiture. It pushes the common idea of portraits.
I remember seeing a documentary on HBO about Condo in high school and not only did I think his art strange, I thought it inspiring. He has such a unique style and subject matter that it makes his work stand out. His creative process is quite the scene; painting a huge canvas then white washing it when he wasn't satisfied. I know this is a normal process for painters but it was just so dramatic to watch his work just disappear.

The surreal images Condo paints are so imaginative it makes all real things seem normal and boring. That is unless you hang out with people in zebra masks.

Get inspired by art because what else is there to do?!


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