Sunday, January 10, 2010


Some things are better unsaid. In a blog, however, they should be written daily....well maybe not that often...

So I haven't blogged since September. I know I've been neglecting my bloggy life but I guess I just got caught up in my real one. But from now on I'd like to make a promise or at least an attempt to blog my feelings, craftiness and goings on. To start off the year right I'm going to list some things that have been inspiring me this week.

This awesome bedroom
This arrangement of cute things. I can't remember where I found this so I'm sorry about not having a link!

Making this cake would be so awesome.

I want a tattoo of some ladies like this around my wrist or on the side of my hip. It's kind of weird but I've never been one to follow the norm :)

I love this mantra and I love all the prints of it and i LOVE the idea of making one myself, my handwriting and my own...that would be pretty cool.(Inspired)

Tomorrow I will update on the things that have been keeping me busy during December and January and things that I need to finish!

Love :)

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