Thursday, August 27, 2009

channeling Tyra...are my pictures falling flat?

In my 365 project I am trying to take more artistic and beautiful photos, not just the typical point and shoot crap you see scattered around with no emotion. I think some of the pictures I take are in fact beautiful, like this little sunflower guy. He's awesome. But then I scan Flickr and see tons of color, life and dimension that is lackingin a lot of my photography. Some of that may have to do with the quality of camera people use and the subject matter...for instance if I lived in New York there would be a different kind of scenery and lots more to photograph. Plus most of my time during the day is spent at work and honestly I'm getting sick of the roller coaster pictures from my stand. The other factor in my lifeless subjects is that I am often lazy and forgetful, therefore my project gets put off sometimes until the last minute when I look to the cats, food or myself as an opportunity to shoot. Boo. And I know every picture I take is not going to be fabulous but lately they seem i wrong? Maybe I am, who knows. Any advice?

Oh so we've gotten most everything in boxes ready to be moved and I am so excited! The apartment looks so bare its like when Jen and I first moved in. So sad. But I can't wait to make our new place look like home. If only the carpet were in...we are kinda just waiting for word on when we can start moving stuff in. As of now anything we move in today and tomorrw will have to go in the kitchen, second bedroom and basement. Hopefully they start the carpet tomorrow. ANTICI...PATION. I cannot wait.

Well back to work!


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