Monday, June 3, 2013

Three Things I Want to Do in June

Summer is almost here! My birthday, June 21 is the official beginning of summer and there are a few things I want to do before it gets too hot. Weather lately has been swell.

First thing: Nature Walks. 
  Not just at the park, or like Winton Woods. I want to explore and maybe camp. Red River Gorge would be ideal but anywhere will do. And I want to do some collecting and drying and preserving.

Next: Farmer's Markets.
  Also just wandering downtown taking pictures and stuff.

Thirdly: Photobooth scavenger hunt. 
   Pretty self explanatory but I want to find them all around Cincinnati and get lots of pics for my scrapbook. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Today Didn't Suck

It might be the ever changing weather or the long, bright days, but lately I have accomplished a ton during my hours awake. I've started a new job and feel mostly optimistic about working both jobs at once. I'm only slightly tired most of the time. But I've been in high spirits almost everyday and that makes it worthwhile. Being able to get things done during the day has been great, especially when I have things to do outside. I've even been happily drifting room to room cleaning wherever it seems necessary. I'm content with how I'm living right now and I'm excited to be happy. 

Age : 23 (for one more month!)
Hair Color: Au natural for the first time in years. And I've been using a curling iron! Fancy hair.
Favorite things: Nag Champa, J. Gumbo's Drunken Chicken, my yoga mat, my scrapbook.
Job(s): Evergreen server, liquor slinging at Tom's 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Studio Calico NSD Challenge!

I have really neglected my blog.
Trying to get back on track with a few posts of my Project Life updates!

This challenge was to use five different patterns, so I used the fabric from my current quilt project. I love using different patterns in the same layout so this was a fun way to include what I was working on!

More to come! Glad to be blogging again : )
Here is the full list of Studio Calico Challenges!